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Half of a Nut Shell: Getting Published

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Half of a Nut Shell: Getting Published Empty Half of a Nut Shell: Getting Published

Post by BC Williams on Wed 25 Jun 2008, 4:42 am


Writers write. The phrase has become an over used term, generalizing what authors do. Really, writing is much more than just putting words to paper, as most will soon find out. Writers today do not create the market, rather the public tells us what they want to read. This has no doubt always been true to an extent, but today if you want a publisher to take notice, you must follow some guidelines.

Each genre has a current blueprint a writer must adhere to. For an exaggerated instance, there was a time when the romance industry preferred heroines to be obliging pure and wholesome. Modern readers want a more complex heroine, so publishers will give them what they want. Today's writer must seek out what the market dictates.

What do I write about? How do I find my nitch? Since the beginning of time, creativity has longed to know the easy answer to these questions. Yesterday, we talked about motivation and reflection being the hallmark of all life endeavors. For sure, you will need to do your homework in this area before a publisher will take notice.

You must show them you have complete control over your subject. Ideas come from real life your life - but not always. . . . Write about things that excite passion in you, things you've experienced. Then research. As you delve into the history of a subject, it becomes a part of you. Your writing will become powerfully filled with scenes and characters that are dimensional.

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Feb 22, 2006 by B. Williams

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