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Of Reflection and Blank Musing

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Of Reflection and Blank Musing Empty Of Reflection and Blank Musing

Post by BC Williams on Tue 24 Jun 2008, 10:33 pm


There are many things I reflect on: life, love, the pursuit of happiness - things relevant to all thinking persons. Do I have these things in my life? Does my personality allow me to pursue happiness at whatever cost?

We all know that reflection and action are two different side of a coin. We reflect on good and bad, problems and solutions; but ACTION positive movement toward a reflected goal - takes active willpower.

I've made too many mistakes in my life from not taking the time for proper reflection. The consequences are far reaching, I've found, and can be devastating. Others should never be responseable for taking over your reflected action, for then it is no longer your action, but instead, theirs.

What is the point of this drivel, you ask?

The implications are far reaching, but for our purpose as writers, reflection first . . . then take action. No matter your writing style, without first reflecting you may find yourself in a stew pot of indecisiveness. (Much like I'm experiencing now!) Writers are not happy unless they are writing about some form of life or love. Don't let others tell you what to write about. You're the one with the goal, you're the one who needs to take the plunge with those much reflected ideas.

Then simply write!

Good Day, Bev

Feb 21, 2006 by B. Knies

'Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.' William Wordsworth
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