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An Easy Way to Copyright Your Work

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An Easy Way to Copyright Your Work Empty An Easy Way to Copyright Your Work

Post by BC Williams on Tue 24 Jun 2008, 6:24 pm

...............One can prove they are the author of a work in this manner:
as soon as a creation is set down in a tangible form *a written document*, put a copy of the document in an envelope of adequate size, address the envelope to yourself and send it via mail carrier. When the work comes back to you - put it away in a safe place UNOPENED. This is an important step. The unopened, dated envelope is your proof you ARE the author. No one will question an official post date!

.......An American author can REGISTER their copyright work with the Copyright Office located in Washington DC. If a work is to be used for profit, Registration is highly recommended. A work not registered IS STILL copyrighted.

.......For UK writers and musicians, see:

.......The UK Copyright Service

.......Unfortunately, when you choose to place your works on the Internet it is very hard to track down those who would steal from you. Even if you can find them and PROVE you're the rightful author, most writers will not have the time or money needed to bring the thief to justice.

.......Using the copyright symbol © is an advisable step that authors can use when placing their work in a public arena. It will not stop theft, but I believe it may help greatly.

.......The copyright should be placed at the bottom of the document, either at the bottom left corner or centered under the text.

.......Copyright should be written in this manner:
A - the symbol : ©
B - The year of FIRST publication of a work ( anything written in say 2003 will always be first copyrighted in 2003)
C - A recognizable name of the owner/author of a work.

© 1875 Mark Twain

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