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Recording Spoken Word MP3 Files (Part 1 of 3)

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Recording Spoken Word MP3 Files (Part 1 of 3) Empty Recording Spoken Word MP3 Files (Part 1 of 3)

Post by BC Williams on Sun 08 Jun 2008, 3:35 pm

We have a NEW way of expressing ourselves here at RhymeZine 24/7 . . .

Spoken Word

Spoken Word, gives an author the ability to record his work as an MP3 file. Once done and saved to one's PC hard drive, the file can then be uploaded to a host for storage. Much like the pictures we store at Servimg, we put the sound file in the hands of free hosting and they allow us to use their bandwidth to share ourselves!

In this article, we'll deal with a way you can make your recited poems into the MP3 file.

Pretty neat, huh!

First thing you need to do is download a very small utility called JDVoicemail. This is a free software program that is your *recorder*.

Here's a link to a download site:
JDVoiceMail 2.48

Once installed on your desktop for quick use, you'll find yourself reading your poems just for the fun of it. It's fun AND useful, as you'll open up a new world of appreciation for your poetry!

Open the file and notice how easy it is to maneuver. Pretty straight forward: Record, Stop, Play, Delete, Send, Save, speaker and microphone configuration.

Recording Spoken Word MP3 Files (Part 1 of 3) Jdvm1sb0


Make sure your microphone is hooked up . . . .

To begin is as easy as clicking Record. Notice you'll see the seconds counting off as the recording is underway. I wouldn't try recording a book for online sharing purposes, but sticking to 6 minutes or less should be alright. Do a few test recordings, adjusting the distance of the microphone from your mouth. Speak clearly, and eliminate background noise as much as possible.

Remember to hit delete to close out an undesirable recording.

When you feel you've mastered the recorder's logistics and can recite the poem to your liking, you're ready to make your first Spoken Word file.

Record . . . wait 2 or 3 seconds then begin speaking
Stop . . . allow the recorder to continue for 2 or 3 seconds after your last word before you click Stop
Play . . . you'll listen to the file, if you like it click on Save if not, click Delete and begin again.

This process may take a few minutes before you're happy with what you hear.

Most people don't like the way they sound, so take that into consideration before you become too critical.

Next article:

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