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Moving On

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Moving On Empty Moving On

Post by BC Williams on Sun 29 May 2011, 11:09 am


Moving On Moving10

Son, what are you doing there?

I . . . I got sumpin' I hiding for YOU, daddy.

Oh okay, Sammy.

You wanna guess what is it ?

It's an elephant.

NO daddy – you silly!

That's good, daddy doesn't need an elephant. Well, maybe it's a car. That's it! You're hiding a brand new car behind your back for daddy! Leme see it. Hold still, now – let me get . . . .

Daaa-dddy! No car, I not will hold a c-a-r behind my back. Haha.

You won't? Oh, I thought sure it was a car.

Too BIG.

Oh . . . .

You wanna guess what is it, daddy?

Don't know, Sammy. If it's not an elephant and not a new car, it must be really small. I might not be able to guess.

You can, daddy. Please.

Okay. Well, then you gotta give me a hint.

What's a hint, daddy?

You remember that time mommy told you we were gonna think about someone who came on Christmas eve? That was a hint – it was kinda a little piece of what was gonna happen. Do you remember what happened on Christmas eve?

Baby Jesus was born!

Yeah. Now, you give me a hint about what's behind your back.

It's colors.

Okay, colors . . . .

You wanna nother hint, daddy?

Can you give me one?

Mommy said you would like it!

She did, did she. When did mommy say that?

When she was in bed, before she had to go.

Oh. What else did mommy say, Sammy?

To put it in my drawer and hide it for you! Mommy said she would be with us in a sirit. What is that, daddy, a sirit?

Mommy meant sPi-rit, Sammy. She can't be with us so we can see her like we used to, but she can be with us in our heart and in our head.

You mean when I think of mommy, her sPi-rit is with me?

Yes, Sammy, mommy . . . .

Don't cry, daddy.

. . . .

Can you show daddy what you're hiding?

You gave up?

I give up.

Here. Mommy told me draw it and then she put ABC's on it. Can you read it again, daddy. I can't member what it says.

“This day, is a happy day, a day with your son.
This day, you'll laugh and have lots of fun.
This day, you'll know that my love is alive,
in that little face that's watching you,
Honey . . .
my love still survives.

Happy Daddy's Day, Frank

Always, Annie”

Here, wipe you eyes on my jammies, daddy.

Thank you, Sammy. Sammy, you know I love you very much, don't you?

I k-n-o-w! . . . Hey, can we make pancakes with smiley faces for breakfast, daddy?

© 2005 by BC Williams

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