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(Ages 5-10) Playing!

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(Ages 5-10) Playing! Empty (Ages 5-10) Playing!

Post by BC Williams on Mon 14 Mar 2011, 7:07 pm

(Ages 5-10) Playing! Kids-p10


When I was young, we'd play hide and go seek,
checkers on Mondays, then stomped through the creek.

On Tuesdays, we'd fish or laze on our backs
and watch clouds creep and eat Cracker Jacks.

On Wednesdays, we'd hike to the end of the woods
though our mom warned us we might not should:-)

On Thursdays, if raining we'd play in our room
or sometimes take turns on a horsey broom.

On Fridays, we'd bike ride or build big-box forts,
or climb tall trees even though we were short!

Saturdays we'd remember this huge, awesome world -
like a pitchers pitch, from God's hand earth twirled.

Then Sundays, we'd start the week over again
with plenty of games that we'd play back then.

10.14.2009 by BC Williams

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