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I Will Not Forget

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I Will Not Forget Empty I Will Not Forget

Post by BC Williams on Wed 09 Feb 2011, 4:42 pm


I Will Not Forget

I Will Not Forget I_will10

In a dream state I linger with you,
floating aimlessly on shores of memory
where visions couple in a sea of reality.
They say time will heal.

I cannot imagine this life left to me,
nor stop your sweet reflections -
For to ponder is recognition of you
and to ponder, is all that remains.

You tried to ready my heart
with touches of eternal love.
You gave me courage for the storm,
and shelter in your remembrance.

It is said that depth of love is not realized
‘til that moment of separation.
These were just words -
‘til that moment came.

It’s not possible to bare this loss,
to end the birth of our existence
by extinguishing bright embers,
and leave cold the purpose of future.

Through pain, through sorrow and death,
I reach to grasp twinklings of joy,
but in vain; for I sail these waters alone
With only a glimpse of our past.

There is this love.
A love that stills my heart,
quickening breath and soul
and sending me in flight to a place
I’ll remember,
for evermore.

© 2002 by BC Williams

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