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A Fragment of Healing

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A Fragment of Healing Empty A Fragment of Healing

Post by BC Williams on Wed 09 Feb 2011, 4:17 pm

A fragment of Healing

‘Neath a tree
bending o'er a crystalline pool,
she peruses an image
once tangible.

Gazing back
is his illusion,
a figment
filtered through tepid water.

Relief waits beyond . . .
down through concealed depths
to a place veiled eternally
in quietus.

Pensively, she enters -
gliding past haunting visions
of translucent repose
and is mindful of her fate.
The journey pierces
mirrored memory,
the snare
and inception of this passage.



toward ebony’s bed,
she seeks serenity’s abode
where his image tarries.

At last, they meet -
familiar strangers
trapped in an eternal,
lingering embrace.
With eloquent caress,
tremblingly soft utterance
he bids,
wake, my Darling.

© 2001 by BC Williams

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