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Alone Atlast

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Alone Atlast Empty Alone Atlast

Post by BC Williams on Wed 09 Feb 2011, 3:29 am


When I lived upstairs
I drank tea from a saucer,
wore wool for winter
and excepted few callers.

Alone Atlast Lonely10

When I lived downstairs,
it was spring: petit fours at three
then over later to be
with Charles, and his groomed goatee.

When I lived on the porch
during the long summer scorch,
I sipped iced tea with George
and watched the birds forge.

Then I sat in my chair
all that liv long fall,
eating apples galore
and felt bored, waiting for more. . . .

2.08.2011 by BC Williams

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'Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.' William Wordsworth
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