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November 23, 1944

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November 23, 1944 Empty November 23, 1944

Post by BC Williams on Sun 06 Feb 2011, 4:52 pm


November 23, 1944

She gathered together her children as one,
two little squaws and two brave braves.
Wood smoked warmth in a room filled with love,
each in their place, heads bowed to behave.

She asked eldest John to give thanks to God
for all the blessings He'd managed to give.
The boy tried to pray like their daddy had -
especially the ending, their sins to forgive.

She hadn't much, but what there was
was served in bowls well used and old.
Minted peas, potatoes, a hen skillet fried.
Simple food, but such comfort to behold.

She asked them to take proper turns
telling what they felt thankful for
then she counted a few of her own.
The first, her children she truly adored,

"We have a floor, a roof, a garden plot,
Jesus in our home, a mule in the field.
We have each other - it's more than some
and our hearts in love are sealed."

"We have Joe, the rabbit and a tailless dog!"
katie Lu said, through a mouthful of peas.
Little Jack sneezed, said he was awful thankful
when he fell he hadn't skint his knees!

She smiled, looking down toward John,
his head bowed forward, eyes closed.
Better give the eldest a bit more time, she thought,
to get all his thankfulness composed . . ..

Marie squealed, "ME!" ready to spill her beans.
At 4, she had many thoughts she could tell:
"I thanky Katie don't run blabbers to you cuz I drop her dolly Magpie in the mud
then I grab her and wash her in the bucket cept I drop her, SPLASH in the well!"

John grinned as he lifted his head,
looked at his sister then moved in his chair.
"I'm thankful we got food on our table ma
and thankful you made us warm clothes to wear.

I'm thankful too we had a daddy like pa.
I sure miss him a lot ma; that blasted war!
And if he were here with us right now . . ."

She saw him first.

Leaning against the jamb -
a smile, a tear, her husband filling the door.
The kids followed her gaze, he moved forward
and bent low to scoop up his four.

"And if he were here right now," their pa said,
he would never leave any of them again!
I'm home children, daddy's here to stay.
Got a bum leg and they sent me home to mend!"

November 23, 1944, Thanksgiving Day.
Two little squaws, three brave braves . . .
wood Smoked warmth in a room filled with love.
She thanked God for the blessings He gave.

November 23, 1944 Soldie10

2008 by B. Williams

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