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A Walk In Da Park . . . .

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A Walk In Da Park . . . . Empty A Walk In Da Park . . . .

Post by BC Williams on Sun 30 Jan 2011, 5:10 am

A Walk In Da Park . . . . Two_po10

Pierre and Bébé strolled slowly
down a long, Parisian boulevard . . .

"Oh Pierre . . . isn't it a beautiful day for a walk in da park?"

"Bébé, I will take you for walk but first, I weel recite a poème I've written just for you . . .!"

"Pour moi ?"

"Oui . . ."

Oh mon chéri
come and go weeth me
we will go to da trees
and hide neath da leaves

"Ooooooooooh!" blushblushblush

I Weel make you in awe
for you never have saw
a more expert paw
it ees without even flaw

"Que ?"

and on my knee you will set
and YOU Pierre will pet
and you'll not have reason to fret
or feel even a threat

"Oh Pierre . . . isn't it a beautiful day for a walk in da park?"


"Did you not hear of my amour for you, Bébé?"

"Oh yes, but I'm NOT easy!'

"I did not say . . . ahem . . .
no chéri, no you are not. I have terrible need of you though,
Bébé - please, let me try again . . . listen close my pet!"

"Pierre, I so love it when you talk like that . . .!"

Oh mon chéri
please come HERE to me
I desire to be
everything to thee

"Do you understand, my pet?"

"I do think so . . ."

"So . .?"



"YOU wanna pet me, que?"

"Oui,come set on Pierre's knee"

"OH, how you say, aRUFF . . ."

© 2007 by BC Williams

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