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The Legacy

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The Legacy Empty The Legacy

Post by BC Williams on Sat 29 Jan 2011, 2:35 pm


....... The Legacy Daphod10

................................The Legacy

The flower lay brightly in my hand,
its yellow daintiness a sweet reminder of winter's sleep.
Planted long, long ago -
a distant image
of pioneer womanhood struck me
as I brought its fresh, watery scent to my nose.
I plucked it during an early morn wandering,

taking pause at a babbling brook,
I saw across the way a ruin of three generations back.
Scattered there among ancient stone and rotting timbers
'neath a pale, cerulean sky, I found the legacy
of Mary Campbell, planter of all things lovely.

I pondered the time she must have spent
tending each tender shoot
as if they, being her children,
and she their mother,
knew a love for them like no other.
How good to have this gentleness in oneself!

In that hodge-podge world of self multiplying bulbs
and long forgotten boarders,
I envisioned a garden's anthology
pollinating the air with heady scents
dripping easily from springtime breezes
and my heart longed to have known her.
Oh, to have been able to learned of life from her,
for she must have lived life to its fullest.
In that rustic, melancholy reminder of past things,
I learned of rebirth and revolving seasons.

Later, I'll come gather old-fashioned roses and sweet perfumed lilacs,
and I'll remember that life is a beautiful thing.

2006 BC Williams

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BC Williams


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