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The Letter

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The Letter Empty The Letter

Post by BC Williams on Sat 29 Jan 2011, 2:06 pm

The Letter Writin11

Dear Agnes,

We've known each other for quite awhile and you've helped me in so many ways.
The poems you write are written so well that your words are like bright rays.
Agnes, you will always be my special friend.
We seem to understand each other's drill and there's nothing between us pretend.
Whenever you've needed to share a problem with me, you knew I'd be there,
for isn't a word or thought or deed that together we can't seem to bear.

But there's something that's bothering me and I want to get it straight with you NOW.
It seems the other day you told so and so I could be kin to you somehow . . ..
Though I love you Agnes, like a sib and all - are you nuts or just born crazy?
I recall our mothers were best friends, that's true.
And the fact that our dads weren't home much is a bit hazy.

But I know my mother asked my father to leave, and if I'm thinking right, your mother did too.
Let's see - my father worked in milk, had a long route.
Shucks! it's mere coincidence they both left out of the blue
driving the same type car,
on the same night,
ending up living in the same town over in . . .
boy, Ag - if I think about it, it does ignite some questions.
We best not dwell on all these silly little similarities
that are popping up about your dad and mine.
After all, it's not peculiar two people should
wonder the same thing that can't be defined.

Anyway Agnes, as I said in the beginning, we've known each other for quite awhile.
I sure hope what I've written has you smiling and you're not gonna be hostile.
For I'll have you know - if I could to choose a sibling from most folks
there's no doubt about it - it would be you Agnes, and that's no joke!

Yours Truly,
Josiah P. Canard

August 2008 by BC Williams.

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