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(Ages 5 - 10) Little Pete!

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(Ages 5 - 10) Little Pete! Empty (Ages 5 - 10) Little Pete!

Post by BC Williams on Wed 04 Aug 2010, 12:10 am

(Ages 5 - 10) Little Pete! Baby1010

Little Pete, don't bit my feet!
Don't steal my socks, nor eat those rocks.
Little Pete, don't dig no holes
nor tear up your poppy's leather soles.

Little Pete, you've been so bad
you know you makes us aw-fu-lly mad.
Little Pete, go take a seat
till you simmer down sometime next week.

Little Pete! drOP those sneakers now!
You know in the laundry you're not allowed!
Little Pete, I'll tan your hide
if you drag that throw rug outside!

Little Pete, come over here,
sit at my feet why don't you dear?
Little Pete, I love you so
even if . . . WHOA . . .

LITTLE PETE! Don't bite my feeeeet! hahahahahaha!

8.3.2010 by BC Williams

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