BC Williams, Writer/Poet
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HER “Last Poems”

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HER “Last Poems” Empty HER “Last Poems”

Post by Guest on Wed 28 May 2008, 6:27 pm

Part Five: The Single Hound


HER “Last Poems”—
Poets ended,
Silver perished with her tongue,
Not on record bubbled other
Flute, or Woman, so divine; 5
Robin uttered half the tune—
Gushed too free for the adoring,
From the Anglo-Florentine.
Late the praise—
’T is dull conferring 10
On a Head too high to crown,
Diadem or Ducal showing,
Be its Grave sufficient sign.
Yet if we, no Poet’s Kinsman,
Suffocate with easy woe, 15
What and if ourself a Bridegroom,
Put Her down, in Italy?

(Written after the death of Mrs. Browning in 1861.)


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HER “Last Poems” Empty Re: HER “Last Poems”

Post by Guest on Wed 04 Jun 2008, 8:37 pm

Great poem and woderfully written .The words just jump off the page at me .
Bobby xx


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