On Becoming a Writer

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On Becoming a Writer

Post by BC Williams on Wed 01 Jun 2011, 6:27 pm

A Writer's Journey into Self-Expression with Words

It was 2002 and I'd just lost a couple of very important folks in my life. My inner dialog was not great, thoughts of suicide plagued me 24/7, invading my dreams and ruining my days. I realized, I've got to get these thoughts out of my head! In my searching, I stumbled upon the now defunct online writer's workshop called, A Novel Approach. In that wonderfully creative environment I became a member of two groups, poetry and short story writing. Each genre allowed its students one month to complete a specific prompt. We worked together, peer to peer, submitting one, two, sometime 3 drafts - then the final, finished story and poem. I realized early how invaluable peer interaction can be. As a novice, I learned much from the experienced mentors.

Of course my loss played itself out in my earliest writings as in these poems,      
A Fragment of Healing and I Will Not Forget My peers were supportive as I limped away from my morbid state, blossoming into a writer with a focused voice. A Brief Recalling

Writing mentors don't only teach you the logistics of good writing, they show you yourself as if looking into a big mirror. I found becoming a good writer is more than knowing the rules. It's finding that niche inside yourself that has a story to tell, and because you've honed the skills, you can tell it well.

In 2006, wanting to showcase a few of my works, I took out a personal site at Freewebs. As I searched for someone to discuss short story writing with, I landed on the doorstep of an accomplished writer named Rick Jankowski. Under his tutelage, he helped take my abilities as a story teller into a deeper realm. He showed me how to pull the most out of my writing, laying out the methods of 'show, don't tell'. A whole new world was opening to me, one where lighting doesn't just strike, it crackles through the sky like blazing meteorites!

Rick then introduced me to the world of publishing. I found it's tough business getting small press magazines to want your work. You have to taste being published badly enough to put together a proper cover letter, do the research for your chosen genre, and be diligent in submitting. I didn't have the drive, but still managed to get a few pieces published online and in The Storyteller Magazine.

In 2008, I joined a poetry community and soon worked my way up to assistant administrator. Shortly thereafter, I resigned that post but a new world for me had been opened: Web mistress! I love to tinker, and at that time had plenty of time for designing a forum to share my work in.

Recently, I got married to Mr Williams. We live in Lakeland Florida, with our dogs, Pete, Sammy, and Daisy Duke.

BC Williams

'Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.' William Wordsworth
BC Williams
BC Williams


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